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Hi! I'm Bre + I'm so glad you stopped by.

I'm a destination wedding and portrait photographer based out of the part of Washington State that no one thinks exists because it's not mountains tops and evergreen trees -- I'm over here in the farmland and sagebrush. But I love it. More importantly, I'm a human being who loves creating and meeting badass humans along the way. 

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me snuggled up with my husband and sweet little dude Rex. If we're not snuggled up, we're probably fishing or doing dude stuff because, well, mom of dudes.. 

I've had the opportunity to shoot weddings for 5 years now. Here in WA, and a couple years ago I started making my way around the country for more sweet love stories -- as long as there's cake and music I can get down on the dance floor to. Because let's be honest, who wants a photographer that just stands on the side line? 

It has been such an adventure + so amazing to be wrapped up in a world that is surrounded with love and happiness and donuts and friendships. And I freaking love the friendships that come out of being your wedding photographer. We spend the most important day of your lives together, and it's so important to have someone you feel comfortable with and trust with every part of your love story to share those intimate moments with.

I don't want to be your storyteller, I want to be your story listener. Tell me your story, and let's create something so beautiful together.