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This makes me equal parts nervous and excited! But don’t all new ideas and leaps of faith? After being asked over and over, I can finally scream yes from the mountain tops! Im excited to announce that I’ll be offering mentor sessions to aspirating wedding and portrait photographers! I am so ready to jump in with both feet and share my heart and experiences with all of you. Let the coffee dates, the friendships, and growing together begin! This is all about YOU, your business, and me having the opportunity to pour everything I have into an experience that you can walk away from knowing you are worthy and you got this! 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, and many of you may already know this, but growing a photography business from scratch is HARD FREAKIN’ WORK. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve fallen and had to pick myself back up. Building your business takes countless hours of learning, lots of frustration, more mistakes than you can count, every high and low you can think of, but most of all it takes experience. Everyday I invest and pour time into this art. Everyday I grow and learn. Because there is no end to the things you can learn and the amount you can grow. There’s no magic trick or special potion that can get you there either. 

I built my business from the ground up with so much hard work, faith and failures. But they’ve gotten me to where I’m at. Right here. And 

Im ready with an open mind, a full heart and lots of passion to offer my knowledge and experiences - yes, the good and the bad ones, to all who want them. And by no means do I know everything there is to know about photography or business, but I’ve found a passion in teaching and seeing people fearlessly chase their dreams. In this industry, we have a popular saying “community over competition” and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with that. 

So let’s go! Let’s chase your dreams together!




1 hour session - $150

These sessions are Q+A style so come with buckets loads of questions! These can include anything and everything that you can fit into 1 hour! We’ll pick 1 or 2 topics to really dig deep into such as pricing, social media, work flow, editing tips and tricks, booking ideal clients and more! The options are endless!



2 hour Coffee shop date - $200

Bring your laptop and let’s cover everything! From Q+A, to a look at your social media and website, to editing, and more! I’ll bring you a fun little notebook to write all your new knowledge in, and we’ll just have a blast!



5 hour workshop - $400

This is where magic really happens. Think about a regular workshop, there’s multiple people fighting for “the” shot and you might not always get a chance to ask all the questions you want. With this, it’s just you and I! Learning one on one with posing, shooting, and editing. And absolutely feel free to pick my brain on anything you want to learn. 

We’ll start the day grabbing a cup of coffee at either my home studio or a coffee shop so I can really get to know YOU, your heart, your goals, and where you’re at in your business. I’ll grab a few photos of you so you can get a feel for what it’s like being in front of the camera, and you’ll get new headshots to use to reintroduce yourself to the world, ready to kick ass! After we’re caffeinated, we’ll head to a styled shoot I put together with a rad couple so that we can shoot together. As I mentioned before, experience is EVERYTHING. This is when we can get hands on, and I can show you how to make a comfortable and fun environment for your clients, how I shoot in different lighting situations, and more. After the shoot, we’ll grab some food (duh) and edit the photos of the days shoot together. We’ll go over editing techniques, and perfecting your style. We’ll conclude the session with any last minute questions, and a few hugs. 

What do you say? Let’s do it!